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Correct operation method of multi parameter water quality meter

by:BOQU     2021-09-07

Multi parameter water quality meter detector adopts full-touch screen, flat icon design, guided operating system, simple and easy-to-understand interface, enabling operators to use it quickly and accurately, without manual intervention, and the system automatically recognizes the detection channel. Accurate detection.

Multi parameter water quality meter detector application industry: widely used in scientific research institutes, sewage engineering, petrochemical, biomedicine, metallurgical steel, food and dairy industry, aquaculture, wool spinning, printing and dyeing, leather and paper industry for the detection of water quality pollutants, Research.

What should I pay attention to when operating a multi parameter water quality meter tester?

1. Don't place the sample for a period of time or repeat the test and comparison in different time periods.

2. The measurement data should be within the corresponding range. If not, you can only roughly judge the height of the water sample. If accurate data is required, select a low range or a high range or measure after dilution so that the measured data is within the corresponding range.

3. The colorimetric solution can not be placed in the digestion tube for a long time, and the digestion tube and its experimental equipment should be cleaned in time.

4. The colorimetric tube used in the experiment is first rinsed with tap water and then dried with distilled water for later use. If overnight, please rinse with diluted non-phosphorus detergent water and rinse thoroughly before use.

5. The solution after the colorimetric comparison can not be poured randomly, it should be collected uniformly for centralized treatment.

6. The water sample pretreatment process (heating digestion) and testing data should be completed in a compact manner.

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