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Correct use of acid and alkali salt concentration meter is very important

by:BOQU     2022-02-15

Acid-base-salt concentration meter has the characteristics of full Chinese display, Chinese menu operation, full intelligence, multi-function, high measurement performance and strong environmental adaptability. Can be widely used in thermal power, chemical and other industries. It is suitable for detecting the concentration of regenerated liquid in the process of preparing high-purity water by ion exchange method, and can also be used for the preparation of pickling liquid for boilers and pipelines, and the continuous monitoring of acid-base concentration in the liquid. This product adopts high-precision AD conversion and single-chip micro-processing technology, which can complete the measurement of acid, alkali or salt mass percentage concentration and temperature measurement. At the same time, it has the functions of automatic temperature compensation, automatic range conversion and instrument self-checking. It is a function line monitor. The power cable and the connecting cable with the instrument should not be laid in parallel with the power line in a short distance, so as to avoid adverse effects on the signal.

The following points should be paid attention to when using the acid-base salt concentration meter:

1. The acid-base-salt meter generally does not need daily maintenance. In principle, do not open and repair it by yourself when there is an obvious failure, please contact us in time.

2. After the power is turned on, the instrument should have a display. If there is no display or the display is abnormal, the power should be turned off immediately to check whether the power supply is normal and the fuse is in good condition.

3. The conductivity cell should be cleaned in time. Clean with 50% warm detergent (for dirt with strong adhesion, soak with 2% hydrochloric acid or 5% nitric acid solution), brush with a brush, and then repeatedly clean the electric and inner and outer surfaces with distilled water. Remember to touch the electricity with your hands.

4. Improper use of electrical equipment often causes the instrument to work abnormally. When installing the electricity, the electricity should be completely immersed in the solution.

5. The lead wire of the concentration meter and the connecting plug at the rear of the secondary meter of the acid-base meter should not get wet, otherwise the measurement will be inaccurate.

The distance between the acid, alkali and salt concentration meter is as close as possible to the measuring cell during electricity and installation, generally no more than 40 meters. If the distance between the instrument and the sampling point exceeds 40 meters, an impedance converter should be installed to reduce the loss caused by the long transmission distance of electricity and weak signals and ensure the accuracy of the measurement. It also reduces the cost of electricity and replacement.

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