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Definition of online residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-13
The online residual chlorine detector is suitable for on-line monitoring of residual chlorine or chlorine dioxide concentration in drinking water with high iron content and industrial process water disinfection process, preventing measurement offset or poisoning caused by +3 valent iron and ferric chloride Phenomenon, both the system's regular automatic maintenance and descaling functions. Definition Residual chlorine refers to the effective chlorine remaining in the water after the water has been chlorinated and disinfected for a certain period of time. Chlorine is added to water, and after a certain period of contact, the general term for free chlorine and combined chlorine remaining in water. It means that after chlorine is put into water, in addition to consuming a part of the chlorine with bacteria, microorganisms, organic substances, inorganic substances, etc. in the water, there is still a part of the chlorine left, which is called residual chlorine. Residual chlorine can be divided into combined residual chlorine (referring to the compound of chlorine and ammonia in water, there are three kinds of NH2Cl, NHCl2 and NHCl3, NHCl2 is more stable and has a good bactericidal effect), also called combined residual chlorine; free residual chlorine refers to water OC1, HOCl, Cl2, etc., have fast sterilization speed and strong bactericidal power, but disappear quickly), also known as free residual chlorine; total residual chlorine is the sum of combined residual chlorine and free residual chlorine.
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