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Description of the working principle of the COD online monitoring analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
Working principle of COD online monitoring analyzer With the improvement of people's living standards, the emphasis on environmental protection is also increasing. Among them, controlling and reducing the pollution of water resources has become an important link affecting human production and life. In particular, the up-to-standard discharge of industrial wastewater is a point that various departments and people attach great importance to. Indicators such as COD are important monitoring objects for detecting wastewater discharge. This article mainly introduces the working principle of the COD online monitor. COD measurement method COD measurement methods mainly include potassium dicatalyst method and potassium permanganate method, among which the detection rate of potassium dichromate method is very high. The COD online monitor mainly uses the potassium bisulfate method and the UV method. Potassium dicatalyst digestion method: redox titration COD online monitor is composed of a sampling system, a reaction system and a control system. After cooling, measure the amount of redox reaction under the colorimeter, so as to calculate the COD concentration. Redox inorganic substances such as nitrite, sulfide and ferrous ions will improve the measurement results, and their oxygen consumption will be added to the COD value. In addition to the redox titration method explained above, there are photometric and coulometric titration methods, but in principle, the redox titration method is closer to the national standard method. In terms of performance, some organic matter in water samples is difficult to be oxidized by oxidants, so this method is difficult to use in high-chlorine sewage, strong alkali sewage, etc., and can only meet the needs of online automatic monitoring of some sewage. And the cycle is generally longer. From the perspective of environmental impact Redox titration method has secondary pollution problem, and waste liquid needs to be diluted with water, while UV meter method and electrochemical method do not have secondary pollution problem. From the point of view of maintenance, the redox titration method uses many kinds of reagents, and the pump and tube system is complicated, so the maintenance work is relatively large.
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