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Detection of conductivity and total organic carbon causes

by:BOQU     2023-03-14
Why measure conductivity and total organic carbon? It is not known that the medicine has been contaminated, the reason and when it was contaminated; the filter device of the pure water system needs to be replaced without knowing it; This is also an important reason for using these two indicators as inspection items. Determination of total carbon in pharmaceutical water This method is used to check the total organic carbon in pharmaceutical water and indirectly control the content of organic matter in water. TOC checks are also used for process control in water production systems, such as monitoring the performance of unit operations such as purification and water delivery. Organic substances in pharmaceutical water generally come from water sources, water supply systems (including purification, storage and delivery systems), and the growth of bacterial films in water systems. Usually, sucrose is used as the easily oxidizable organic matter, and 1,4-p-benzoquinone is used as the difficultly oxidized organic matter, and respective standard solutions are prepared according to the regulations, and the corresponding response values ​​are respectively measured on the total organic carbon analyzer, so as to investigate the technology used. Oxidation capacity and system suitability of the instrument. General Requirements for Instrumentation There are several methods available for the determination of TOC. For these techniques, as long as the following conditions are met, they can be used for the determination of total organic carbon in water. The total organic carbon measurement technology should be able to distinguish inorganic carbon (carbon dioxide dissolved in water and carbon dioxide produced by the decomposition of bicarbonate) and organic carbon (carbon dioxide produced by the oxidation of organic matter), and can eliminate the interference of inorganic carbon on the determination of organic carbon. It should meet the requirements of the system suitability test and should have sufficient detection sensitivity (the detection limit is equal to or less than 0.05mg/L of carbon per liter). On-line monitoring of water systems or off-line laboratory measurements using calibrated instruments. On-line monitoring is convenient for real-time determination of water quality and real-time process control of water systems; while off-line measurement may cause many problems, such as being sampled, sampling containers, and uncontrolled environmental factors such as vapors of organic matter ) and other pollution. Since the production of water is carried out in batches or continuously, the choice of offline or online measurement should be determined by the conditions and specific circumstances of water production.
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