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Detection of residual chlorine content in water from waterworks

by:BOQU     2023-04-07
With the development of ecological environment monitoring network and the promotion of water quality grid monitoring, water environment automatic monitoring stations need to be deployed more densely to meet the needs of big data applications such as pollution traceability, water quality early warning, and river length assessment. Conventional water quality automatic monitoring stations occupy a large area and require high infrastructure investment, making it difficult to adapt to the application requirements in the new situation of environmental monitoring. To this end, Shenzhen Yunchuanwulian Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a miniature water quality automatic monitoring system based on years of experience in the development and integration of water quality online monitoring instruments. The system adopts pre-integrated outdoor monitoring with a small footprint, and integrates technologies such as intelligent micro-monitoring sensors, automatic control, computer applications, and communication networks; A set of strict data quality control system; meet the needs of big data monitoring such as basin water quality evaluation, pollution traceability, water quality early warning, river (lake) length assessment, etc. The online water quality analysis unit is independently developed by Yunchuanwulian, and has high-level water quality in-situ analysis sensors, and the monitoring results are accurate and reliable. The monitoring indicators can be flexibly configured according to the needs, covering water quality parameters such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, COD, chlorophyll a; product introduction AMT-YL300 sensor is manufactured using microelectronics technology Potentiometric sensor for measuring the concentration of 'Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)'. The concentration of hypochlorous acid is one of the important bases for testing the disinfection effect of water treatment. The disinfection effect of water quality can be judged intuitively through the change of the concentration of hypochlorous acid in water. DAW2406 abandons the shortcomings of inconvenient sensor installation in the past, does not need a constant flow rate, and can be directly inserted into the pipeline without adding electrolyte. The sensor head is detachable and replaceable, which reduces the maintenance cost in the later period, and the measurement is accurate and the work is stable. Application areas Drinking water safety control, tap water quality monitoring, swimming pool water quality control, aquaculture, etc. Instrument features: no electrolyte, small size, low power consumption Selective membrane, to ensure accurate measurement Unlimited flow rate, can withstand pressure 10Bar and no cross interference with dissolved oxygen, ammonia monochloride, metal ions Replaceable pole head, reducing later maintenance The cost electrode has a '3/4' standard threaded interface, which can be directly inserted into the pipeline, and it can be used continuously for 10-13 months after factory calibration once, without the need for on-site calibration. Range 0~2 or 0-5mg/L (ppm) residual chlorine ±2%FS Working temperature: 0~40℃; Resolution: 0.01 Pressure: 10bar
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