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Detection principle of total nitrogen detector

by:BOQU     2022-02-28

The total nitrogen detector is designed and developed according to the total nitrogen detection standard. The system adopts a guided operation design. The interface is simple and easy to understand, and the operation does not require manual intervention. The system automatically identifies the detection channel and performs accurate detection. The instrument can be widely used in research institutes, sewage engineering, petrochemical industry, biomedicine, metallurgy and steel, food and dairy industry, aquaculture, wool spinning, printing and dyeing, leather and papermaking and other industries.

Detection principle:

In the measurement process, the air cooling and reflux mode are used instead of the water cooling and reflux mode, which saves water resources. When cooling, increase the air cooling system, which greatly saves the detection time.

Total nitrogen detector adds intelligent mode in addition to manual operation mode, one-key operation to complete the measurement and cooling process. The instrument is equipped with a special condenser tube bracket, which is safer to operate.

The total nitrogen detector can set the measurement time. After the measurement is over, the heating will be automatically stopped, and it can be unattended. After the sample measurement is completed, the instrument can continue to work for one hour to assist the sample to cool down. It is convenient for digital temperature and time settings. The instrument uses air natural condensation to replace the original water condensation method, which reduces the volume and saves water resources. The total nitrogen detector is a new instrument for measuring the chemical oxygen demand of water quality.

History query, select history query to query the historical measurement results, press the left/right button to view the measurement results, each stored result corresponds to a measurement date and time, press the OK key to print the results. Press and hold the return key for a few seconds in the query interface to clear the record. Adjust the time, press the left and right keys to adjust the size, press the OK key to shift, until the last digit, press the OK key to complete the adjustment and return.

Main functions:

1. Chinese operation interface, using the 5.6-inch color LCD touch screen, advanced operation interface;

2. One-click to select the desired wavelength and curve, the operation is simple and fast.

3. Using the method specified in the national standard - ultraviolet spectrophotometry, the measurement results are accurate and reliable;

4. UV dual-wavelength automatic switching, better wavelength repeatability, to ensure the accuracy of measurement results;

5. The curve can be automatically calculated and established with the national standard sample.

6. There are 20 standard curves and 5 regression curves in memory, which can be revised and saved by yourself;

7. Can transfer current data and historical data with PC and print.

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