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Difference Between Sewage and Wastewater Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms

by:BOQU     2023-03-27
In fact, so far, there are still many people who can't distinguish between sewage and wastewater. They mostly listen to sewage treatment, sewage water quality monitoring or wastewater treatment, wastewater water quality monitoring, etc., but they are still confused about these two kinds of water. This article water quality online monitoring The instrument manufacturer will come to briefly understand the difference between sewage and wastewater! 1. Sewage, simply speaking, is the polluted water source, which refers to the water containing unusable pollutants in the water body. These pollutants can be viruses, bacteria, feces, garbage, etc., which are pollutants discharged in the process of biological life , we can call it urban sewage, catering sewage, bathing sewage, etc. 2. What is waste water? It can be understood as waste water, which means that the water contains waste. In fact, the pollutants in wastewater are useful substances discharged by human beings mixed into the water body, which makes the water body unable to be used normally, which is called wastewater! Most of it is produced by industrial production. In the process of industrial production, two kinds of high-concentration wastewater and low-concentration wastewater will be produced. The low-concentration wastewater is mainly produced by cleaning, while the high-concentration wastewater is produced by the process wastewater discharged during the production process and the process of extraction and concentration. High-concentration separation wastewater, etc. For example, there are industrial wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, hardware wastewater, and what is the difference between these two kinds of water? To put it simply, sewage refers to the water produced by the discharge of pollutants in the biological life of humans and nature. After the pollutants in the sewage are separated or recycled, the value of use is not great; while the waste water is mainly produced by human beings. Produced in the production process of domestic or industrial products, if this kind of water can be separated or recycled, it can generally produce economic benefits. However, whether it is sewage or waste water, these cannot be used directly. They need to be properly discharged, and after online monitoring of water quality, it can be recycled or discharged after confirming that the pollutants in the water meet the standards!
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