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Different requirements of online water quality analysis instrument application technology

by:BOQU     2021-07-11

Relatively speaking, there are not many water quality parameters required to be monitored. The primary pollutant targets specified by environmental protection regulations or water quality standards, such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, heavy metals, and a few of the conventional 5 parameters; The water quality situation is relatively simple; the requirements for using skills are primarily water sample pretreatment skills and instrument integration skills.

In China, the most monitoring online water quality analysis instrument currently used is the instrument used at the end of the water treatment (discharge outlet) of each enterprise.

The process analysis instrument is mainly used for the monitoring of the water treatment process. The measured water quality parameters will participate in the process control, optimize the water treatment process, improve the water treatment efficiency, and complete the water treatment process under the premise of ensuring that the final water quality is qualified. The intention to reduce consumption.

Process analysis instruments can measure more than dozens of water quality parameters, and the key process parameters involved in different water treatment processes are not the same. Regarding drinking water treatment, the most important process parameters are turbidity and residual chlorine involved in disinfection. Regarding municipal sewage treatment, dissolved oxygen, PH, COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, sludge concentration, nitrate nitrogen, nitrous nitrogen, ORP (oxidation restoration potential), phosphate, etc. are all very important process control parameters;

For pure water demanded by thermal power and nuclear power plants, silica, sodium ions, conductivity, pH, and dissolved oxygen are several key operating parameters; for softened water treatment, hardness may be the most important water quality Parameters; In addition, regarding different types of industrial wastewater treatment processes, there are also a large number of different water quality process parameters.

Obviously, both in terms of measuring parameters and the complexity of the water sample to be tested, the process-based analytical instruments are higher than the monitoring instruments; the requirements for the use of skills are relatively complex.

Regarding different types of online water quality multi-parameters, the skill requirements are different. Generally speaking, monitoring-type analysis instruments have higher requirements for the accuracy of measured data, and the data can be used as the basis for law enforcement management by relevant departments; while the process-type Analytical instruments have high requirements for the reliability and stability of the instruments, and the instruments are required to reliably reflect the trend of water quality changes in order to provide a basis for the control of the water treatment process.

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