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Discharge Standards for Water Pollutants of Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Facilities

by:BOQU     2023-03-20
In order to improve the quality of water environment in Hubei Province and strengthen the protection of rural water environment, Hubei Province will implement the 'Sewage Pollutant Discharge Standards for Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Facilities' (hereinafter referred to as 'Standard') from July 1. This is Hubei's first water pollutant discharge standard for domestic sewage treatment facilities formulated for rural areas. According to reports, the standard monitors and manages 7 pollutants in 3 levels according to the scale of rural sewage treatment, sewage characteristics, and sewage receiving bodies. Cai Junxiong, president of the Hubei Provincial Academy of Environmental Sciences, said that the non-uniformity is one of the highlights of the standard. According to reports, the discharge of water pollutants from treatment facilities with a scale of 100 tons to 500 tons shall implement the first-level standard; the discharge of water pollutants from treatment facilities with a scale of 5 tons to 100 tons shall implement the corresponding discharge standards according to the destination of the effluent discharge. The discharge of water pollutants from treatment facilities with a scale of less than 5 tons shall be subject to the third-level standard. At the same time, Hubei provincial standards pay more attention to actual results. According to reports, in view of the problem of black and odorous water bodies in rural areas, the standard selects pH value, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids and ammonia nitrogen as the basic control indicators, and the process is highly scalable; the total nitrogen detector detects total nitrogen and total phosphorus The three pollutants detected by the monitor, total phosphorus and animal and vegetable oil, are used as selected control indicators. In the case of rural catering wastewater being discharged, the control indicators for animal and vegetable oils shall be increased. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment said that the release of the standard clarifies the discharge requirements for rural sewage treatment, which is conducive to the selection of suitable domestic sewage collection methods and treatment technologies in rural areas according to local conditions, and improves the professional level of rural domestic sewage treatment in all parts of the province. It is reported that from the date of implementation of the standard, the discharge of water pollutants from new (reformed, expanded) rural domestic sewage treatment facilities will implement the standard, and the existing rural domestic sewage treatment facilities will use total phosphorus detectors and total nitrogen detectors to detect the discharge of water pollutants To meet the standard requirements before January 1, 2021.
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