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Do you know chemical method to remove ammonia nitrogen?

by:BOQU     2023-03-16
Ammonia nitrogen refers to the nutrient in the water body. High content will cause water eutrophication. It is the main oxygen-consuming pollutant in water and is poisonous to fish and some aquatic organisms. Common pollution phenomena include 'water bloom', ' red tide'. The pollution is serious, and it must be treated before it can be discharged into natural water bodies. High-concentration ammonia-nitrogen wastewater is not suitable for direct biological treatment, and chemical methods are also difficult. The common treatment method is: stripping tower to remove ammonia nitrogen. Blow-off method: Under alkaline conditions, a method of separation using the gas-liquid equilibrium relationship between the gas phase of ammonia nitrogen and the liquid phase concentration. It is generally believed that the blow-off is related to temperature, PH, and gas-liquid ratio. The treatment efficiency of ammonia nitrogen concentration ≥ 2000ppm is as high as 96%. Medium-concentration ammonia-nitrogen wastewater is more suitable for biological treatment, and the common ones are A/O and SBR processes. The A/O process is also called the anaerobic aerobic process, A refers to the anaerobic section, and O refers to the aerobic section, which is used to reduce the ammonia nitrogen in the water. The SBR process, that is, the batch sludge process, is performed in a reactor equipped with an aeration and stirring device, according to a predetermined procedure, to perform operations such as water filling, biochemical reaction, sedimentation, drainage, and idleness. Generally, there is no need to set up a regulating tank, and there is basically no sludge swelling phenomenon, and it is very good to reduce the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the water. Suggested treatment concentration: 200-500ppm, more potent in biochemical properties. Low-concentration ammonia-nitrogen wastewater The ammonia-nitrogen wastewater treated by the biochemical system has a greatly reduced concentration and can basically be discharged in a qualified manner. However, with the increasing pressure of environmental protection, the requirements are becoming more and more stringent, which exceeds the processing capacity of biological methods and needs to be treated with chemical agent oxidation methods. Ammonia nitrogen remover is a strong oxidizing agent, the dose of agent is 50ppm~500ppm, the dosage is small, the efficiency is high, no need to change the process, it is economical and environmentally friendly. Suggested treatment concentration: ≤200ppm, 6 minutes to quickly pass the water.
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