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Do you know how desulfurization wastewater can achieve zero discharge of wastewater?

by:BOQU     2023-03-20
The operation of coal-fired power plants will produce various wastewater, mainly including desulfurization wastewater, circulating cooling system sewage, acid-base wastewater and domestic sewage. Among them, desulfurization wastewater has become one of the difficult wastewater for coal-fired power plants due to its complex composition and various types of pollutants. It is imperative to apply wastewater zero discharge technology to desulfurization wastewater. How to apply wastewater zero discharge technology to desulfurization wastewater? The composition and concentration of desulfurization wastewater have a great influence on the operation and management of the treatment system, and are the key factors affecting the selection of treatment equipment and corrosion. In general, factors such as the type of coal fired, the desulfurization process, the water quality of the supplementary water, and the discharge cycle directly affect the pollutant composition of wastewater. There are large differences in thermal power plants in different regions, and the discharge time of the same power plant is also different. Desulfurization wastewater is discharged intermittently, and the water volume fluctuates and is unstable. Wastewater has high hardness and is easy to form evaporation structure. The concentration of slurry C1- is relatively high, which will cause corrosion to the system. Although the desulfurization wastewater treatment system has treated the water entering the advanced treatment system to reduce suspended solids and calcium hardness, the hardness of calcium, especially magnesium, in the water is too high. At the same time, the solid solubility of C1- and SO42- in the slurry is very high, and the ion concentration is high, which makes the advanced treatment system prone to scaling and corrosion, which is not conducive to the stability and reliability of the system operation.
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