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Do you know how to narrow the gap in environmental monitoring between the eastern, central and western regions?​

by:BOQU     2023-03-20
In recent years, my country's environmental monitoring level has been continuously improved, but in the western region, there is still a big gap between grassroots environmental monitoring capabilities and requirements. First, there is a huge gap in technical capabilities, and the mismatch between responsibilities and duties is prominent. Compared with the eastern and central regions, the current grass-roots environmental monitoring in the west is not equal to people, responsibilities and duties, power and position, and the phenomenon of 'small horses and large carts' is common. Grass-roots environmental monitoring work in western China started relatively late, and the staffing of government environmental monitoring agencies is small. It is very difficult to increase staffing. Newcomers cannot get in, and old people are unwilling to learn. The western region is generally financially distressed, unable to purchase new and high-end monitoring instruments, and has weak environmental monitoring and analysis technology capabilities. At present, the amount of daily environmental monitoring tasks has increased exponentially, and the entrusted service monitoring of pollution sources has shifted to all-factor environmental quality monitoring. The environmental monitoring agencies in the western region cannot meet the needs of the growing environmental monitoring business. Second, there is a huge gap in the entrepreneurial environment, and the shortage of talents is prominent. Due to the restrictions on the status of the establishment and the number of posts in the evaluation of professional titles, the promotion channels for environmental monitoring cadres in the western region are narrow, and there is a general dilemma at the grassroots level that they cannot recruit or retain talents. The prefecture-level environmental monitoring stations are supported by a small number of technical backbones, and the district and county-level environmental monitoring stations are almost in name only. Third, there is a huge gap in the environmental industry, and the contradictions in the quality of environmental monitoring data are prominent. Environmental monitoring tasks have increased sharply, and the ability to undertake environmental monitoring in the western region is insufficient, so it can only be completed by socialized environmental monitoring. The development of the environmental industry in the western region is backward, and the number of socialized environmental monitoring institutions is small and their capabilities are weak. They are prone to falsification of environmental monitoring data and cause a crisis of social trust. How to narrow the gap in the development of grassroots environmental monitoring in the eastern, central and western regions? The author believes that on the basis of acknowledging the gap, efforts should be made from the following aspects. Practice the thinking of the rule of law and solve the problem of mismatch between responsibilities and duties. It is necessary to continuously improve the environmental monitoring system, combine the implementation of the vertical management system below the provincial level for monitoring, supervision and law enforcement, rationalize the powers and powers of environmental monitoring, formulate the 'Ecological Environment Monitoring Law', and establish a unified and standardized ecological environment monitoring power list, responsibility list, service list and negative The list really makes grassroots environmental monitors have the responsibility, the right to do things, and the heart to do things. Firmly establish the determination to resolve conflicts and solve the problem of talent shortage. It is necessary to expand the promotion channels for cadres and realize the stability of the environmental monitoring team. Continuously improve the vertical reform system, establish a clear orientation for cadres to be promoted from the front line, grow at the front line, and test at the front line, promote communication between agencies and front-line cadres, and take multiple measures to solve the 'ceiling' problem in the promotion of grassroots environmental monitoring cadres in the west. Firmly establish the idea of ​​a game of chess and a family, and solve the problem of people's stability. It is necessary to find ways to strengthen protection, improve treatment, and relieve pressure for grassroots environmental monitoring personnel. Relevant subsidies, allowances and incentive policies should be tilted towards the grassroots, ensuring that cadres at the same level who work in the front line are treated better than cadres in provincial and municipal agencies, and that cadres working in backward and remote areas should be given priority. Actively promote the complementary construction of environmental monitoring at the grassroots level in the west, improve the selection and employment mechanism of professional and technical personnel, and regard the front-line service at the grassroots level, secondment, and job rotation exchanges as important conditions for rank treatment and professional title evaluation.
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