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Do you know how to use the bod detector?

by:BOQU     2023-04-08
The bod detector is an analytical method that uses the relationship between electrode potential and concentration to determine the content of substances. The basic formula for expressing electrode potential is the Nernst equation. Since the value of a single electrode potential cannot be measured, in most cases, the potentiometric method is based on measuring the electromotive force of the primary battery, which constitutes two electrodes of the battery, and the potential of one electrode changes with the concentration of the ion to be measured, which can indicate the concentration of the ion to be measured , is called the indicator electrode; the potential of the other electrode is not affected by the change of the test solution composition, and has a relatively constant value, which is called the reference electrode. 1. When the composite electrode of the bod detector is not in use, it can be fully immersed in 3M potassium chloride solution. Do not soak with washing liquid or other water-absorbing agents. 2. Before using the bod detector, check the bulb at the front end of the glass electrode. Under normal circumstances, the electrode should be transparent without cracks; the bulb should be filled with solution without air bubbles. 3. When measuring a solution with a high concentration, shorten the measurement time as much as possible, and wash it carefully after use to prevent the measured liquid from adhering to the electrode and polluting the electrode. 4. After cleaning the electrode, do not wipe the glass membrane with filter paper, but dry it with filter paper to avoid damage to the glass membrane, prevent cross-contamination, and affect measurement accuracy. 5. During the measurement, pay attention to the silver-silver chloride internal reference electrode of the electrode should be immersed in the chloride buffer solution in the bulb to avoid digital jumping in the display part of the electric meter. When using, pay attention to gently shake the electrode a few times.
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