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Do you know that the ammonia nitrogen detector has the following characteristics?

by:BOQU     2022-01-14

The ammonia nitrogen detector is designed and developed based on relevant national standards. It adopts a 7-inch full-touch screen, flat icon design. Guided operating system. The interface is simple and easy to understand so that the operator can use it quickly and accurately. The detection system adopts an independent multi-module optical (imported) design. The optical performance is excellent. The operation does not require manual intervention, and the system automatically recognizes the detection channel for precise detection. The instrument is widely used in research institutes, sewage engineering, petrochemicals, biomedicine, metallurgical iron and steel, food and dairy industry, aquaculture, wool spinning, printing and dyeing, leather and paper industries, for the rapid detection and research of water quality ammonia nitrogen.

The principle of the instrument:

The basic principle of the ammonia nitrogen detector is based on the colorimetric analysis method established based on the reaction between the sample to be tested and the developer to produce colored compounds that selectively absorb electromagnetic radiation. The instrument is composed of a silicon light source, lens, colorimetric bottle, photoelectric tube, and a signal microprocessor, which can directly display the content of ammonia nitrogen in the tested sample on the LCD screen.

Performance characteristics:

1. The measurement method complies with the national standard and has a good correlation with manual analysis;

2. Large-screen LCD backlit display, pure Chinese operation interface, humanized program design;

3. The measurement range is wide, and the range can be switched according to the actual situation of the water sample;

4. Large-capacity data storage, power-off protection design to ensure that the instrument is not damaged and data records are not lost;

5.1 point to 7 point correction mode, automatic calculation of slope, intercept and correlation coefficient, high measurement accuracy;

6. The intelligent design of fault self-diagnosis makes the management and maintenance of the instrument simple and convenient;

7. Strong anti-interference ability, suitable for the industrial site;

8. It can be widely used in the monitoring of surface water and pollution sources;

9. Using semiconductor cold light source illuminator, the light source has a long life;

10. It can be connected to a computer to export measurement data, and it can be connected to a printer to automatically print measurement data;

11. Less reagent consumption, low operating cost, and strong anti-interference ability;

12. Optional built-in lithium battery, AC and DC dual purpose, can be used as portable applications in the field.

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