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Do you know the COD matching digester?

by:BOQU     2022-10-01

1. Why is it called COD Rapid Tester?

COD rapid tester is a name relative to the traditional reflux method COD tester. On the basis of the traditional reflux method standard, the digestion temperature is increased from 150°C to 165°C, and the digestion time is reduced from 2 hours to 10 minutes. The time to generate a set of COD data has been reduced from 2-4 hours to half an hour now, which greatly saves measurement time.

2. Is the test data of the COD rapid analyzer reliable?

The instrument is designed and developed according to HJ/T399-2007 'Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Water Quality by Rapid Digestion Spectrophotometry'. The test results are accurate and effective. The instrument can be tested and certified by any third-party authoritative certification agency.

3. Are you worried about not being detected?

There is no need to worry about the operation of the instrument. COD prefabricated reagents are used. COD measurement only needs: adding water samples——Digestion——Colorimetric three steps. It is really easy to understand at a glance, simple and fast.

4. What is the digestion and colorimetric integrated tube? What are the advantages?

There are two kinds of solution containers used in spectrophotometry: cuvettes and colorimetric tubes. The cuvette spectrophotometry first digests the water sample with a digestion tube, and then transfer the solution to the cuvette to measure the absorbance; the colorimetric tube spectrophotometry is to use a digestion tube for colorimetry and then transfers the solution. In the colorimetric tube to measure the absorbance; the digestion and colorimetric integrated tube is a combination of the digestion tube and the colorimetric tube. In the process of COD determination, one tube is used for digestion and colorimetry to complete all steps, no need to change the tube, and some operations are omitted. Steps. Reduce the influence of human error. Ensure the safety of operators.

5. Do you know about the COD digestion apparatus?

The determination of COD must be digested, and the digestion environment directly affects the accuracy of the measurement results. The scientific and technological COD analyzer is equipped with a multi-functional intelligent digestion instrument. It adopts intelligent PID temperature control technology and doubles the anti-over-temperature protection system, and the heating is safe and uniform. The speed is fast. Built-in COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen standard digestion mode, just press the OK button to perform digestion, the operation is simple, the instrument also has a custom digestion mode, users can set the digestion time and temperature by themselves, with versatility and universal sex.

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