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Do you know the common routines of these COD analyzers?

by:BOQU     2023-03-13
1. Why is it called COD Rapid Tester? COD Rapid Tester is a name relative to the traditional reflux COD tester. On the basis of the traditional reflux method, the digestion temperature is increased from 150°C to 165°C, and the digestion time is reduced from 2 hours to 10 minutes. The time for producing a set of COD data has been reduced from the original 2-4 hours to the current half an hour, which greatly saves the measurement time. 2. Is the test data of the COD rapid tester reliable? The instrument is designed and developed according to the standard of HJ/T399-2007 'Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Water Quality by Rapid Digestion Spectrophotometry'. The test results are accurate and effective. The instrument can be tested and certified by any third-party authoritative certification agency. 3. Are you worried about not being detected? Don't worry about the operation of the instrument. With COD prefabricated reagents, COD determination only needs three steps: adding water sample - digestion - colorimetry. Really understand at a glance, learn at once, simple and fast. 4. What is the integrated digestion colorimetric tube? What are the advantages? There are two types of solution containers used in spectrophotometry: 'cuvette' and 'cuvette'. The cuvette spectrophotometry is to use the digestion tube to digest the water sample first, and then transfer the solution to the cuvette to measure the absorbance; the cuvette spectrophotometry is to use the digestion tube for colorimetry, and then transfer the solution The absorbance is measured in the colorimetric tube; the integrated digestion and colorimetric tube is a combination of 'digestion tube' and 'colorimetric tube'. Some operation steps are omitted, the influence of human error is reduced, and the safety of operators is guaranteed. 5. Do you know about the digestion instrument for COD? The determination of COD must be digested, and the environment of digestion directly affects the accuracy of the measurement results. Analytical technology COD analyzer is equipped with multi-functional intelligent digestion instrument, adopts intelligent PID temperature control technology and double anti-over-temperature protection system, heating is safe and uniform, and the speed is fast. Built-in COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen standard digestion mode, just press the OK button to perform digestion, easy to operate, the instrument also has a custom digestion mode, the user can set the digestion time and temperature by himself, with versatility and versatility sex.
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