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Do you know the purpose of the multi-parameter water quality detector?

by:BOQU     2021-07-25

Multi-parameter water quality analyzer detector, which includes: heavy metal photoelectric detection module, which uses different light waves to detect different heavy metals contained in water quality; PH probe, used to detect the pH value of water quality; ORP probe, used to detect water oxidation; Conductivity electrode probe, used to detect the hardness and salinity of water; temperature probe, used to detect the temperature of water;

The central processing unit, connected with heavy metal photoelectric detection module, PH probe, ORP probe, conductivity electrode probe, temperature probe, used to send detection instructions and process various detection parameters of water quality; memory, connected to the central processing unit for use Used to store various detection parameters of water quality; input and output modules connected to the central processing unit for inputting operating instructions and outputting operating parameters; power supply, at least connected to the central processing unit, for providing operating power.

The multi-parameter water quality analyzer can be used for online and portable monitoring of water quality in different water bodies such as surface water, groundwater, source water, drinking water, sewage discharge outlets, and oceans. Compared with the conventional five-parameter analyzer, the multi-parameter water quality detector can monitor more parameters: including dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature, depth, turbidity, chlorophyll-a, blue-green algae, rhodamine WT, ammonium/ There are fifteen parameters for ammonia ion, nitrate ion, chloride ion, ambient light and total dissolved gas.

Features of multi-parameter water quality detector:

1. Support 232 interfaces and 485 interfaces.

2. The unique and advanced nature is that the user can select common targets by himself through setting functions, and other targets can be blocked, which is convenient for daily use.

3. Use a large-screen LCD display and Chinese character menu technology. With few keys, simple and intuitive operations, non-professionals can quickly master the operation of the instrument.

4. Use LED light source narrow-band interference filter silicon photocell, specially customized light source. Longevity, high precision, low power consumption, free replacement of light source in the whole lifespan, etc.

5. Large FLASH memory, which can save hundreds of calibration curves and tens of thousands of measurement data, with a storage time of up to a hundred years. With flexible and diverse query and printing.

6. The integrated multi-wavelength colorimetric function automatically selects the wavelength according to the measured chemical target. A variety of electrochemical probes can also be connected. It can directly measure the pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, oxidation recovery potential, and various chemical elements in the water.

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