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Do you know why ammonia nitrogen always exceeds the standard?

by:BOQU     2023-03-16
Exceeding the standard of ammonia nitrogen caused by organic matter: a large amount of carbon source enters the A pool, denitrification can not be used, and enters the aeration tank, because the substrate is sufficient, the heterotrophic bacteria have aerobic metabolism, and a large amount of oxygen and trace elements are consumed, because the nitrification is an autotrophic bacteria, the metabolism The ability is poor, oxygen is scrambled, and the dominant bacteria cannot be formed, so the nitrification reaction is limited, and the ammonia nitrogen exceeds the standard caused by the internal reflux of the ammonia nitrogen: the ammonia nitrogen excess caused by the internal reflux can also be attributed to the impact of organic matter, because there is no reflux of the nitrifying liquid, As a result, there is only a small amount of nitrate nitrogen carried by the external reflux in Pool A, and the overall anaerobic environment is formed. The carbon source will only be hydrolyzed and acidified but will not be completely metabolized into carbon dioxide to escape. Therefore, a large amount of organic matter enters the aeration tank, resulting in an increase in ammonia nitrogen. Abnormal ph value: Ammonia nitrogen exceeding the standard caused by PH drop, the actual probability of occurrence is relatively low, because the continuous drop of PH is a process, and the general operators will start to add alkali to adjust the PH when no problem is found.
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