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Does Boqu Instrument have agents in foreign countries?
In order to introduce our portable ph/orp meter and services to more customers, Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. has been committed to establishing agents/offices at export destinations. The way we approach new marketing and selling products has brought improvements to our business. We have increased our ability to compete domestically and internationally.

Boqu Instrument has been specialized in providing superior suspended solid meter. Boqu Instrument has created a number of successful series, and water analyzer is one of them. BOQU handheld dissolved oxygen meter is marticulous manufactured. Cutting-edge technologies such as sensing, computer science, intelligence and programmable logic controller technology are used. A high-temperature and high-pressure system inside the product speeds up the reaction process, therefore improving the work efficiency. BOQU which Boqu Instrument established with painstaking efforts is doomed not to stick to the rules. According to the usage environment, it can be designed with a self-cleaning function.

We conduct sustainable activities in our business operations. We believe that the impact of our actions on the environment will attract socially conscious consumers. Ask online!
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