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Does Boqu Instrument make delivery on time?
Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. is proud to make a statement that we have never disappointed any clients and have delivered all goods on time. This is a result of our advanced, automated production equipment and our experienced talents. It is notable that every year we would suspend the production for maintenance but we would have the standard-type goods in stock so that the regular orders could be processed properly. Please stay confident on our production capacity and capability and our orderly delivery.

Boqu Instrument is committed to this portable tss meter industry and has extensive manufacturing expertise. Boqu Instrument has created a number of successful series, and industrial pressure instrument is one of them. BOQU online cod analyser has been tested for quality. All its main components, including the engine, motor, and hydraulic components, are tested to meet our established standards. The product has achieved the maintenance-free performance. Combining sludge blanket level detector with sludge blanket level detector makes sludge interface meter more applicable. It can easily connect to the computer for monitoring.

Our mission is to bring respect, integrity, and quality to our products, services and everything we do to improve the business of our customers. Contact us!
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