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Does the online water quality monitoring instrument require manual maintenance?

by:BOQU     2023-04-10
Although the online water quality monitoring instruments are all fully automatic, they can realize intelligent functions such as automatic zero adjustment, calibration, measurement, cleaning, self-maintenance, and protection. Does this mean that manual maintenance is not required? Not so! why? Please look down! Although it can be maintained automatically, if the staff does not pay attention to some details during the work process, even if the instrument has an automatic maintenance function, it will not help. Let's learn about preventive maintenance with everyone! 1. Ensure that the monitoring room (box) and equipment are clean, prevent the monitor from vibrating, and ensure the temperature and humidity in the monitoring room (box) so that the instrument can work normally. 2. Keep the pipelines of all kinds of equipment unobstructed, the water outlet is normal, and there is no leakage problem; 3. Regularly check the power controller, air conditioner and other auxiliary equipment; 4. Other maintenance content can be maintained according to the instrument manual Maintenance, remember to check and replace some easy-to-consumable accessories regularly; 5. The staff must perform daily maintenance on the system, and make inspection records during the maintenance process (including: system operating status, system auxiliary equipment operating status, system Calibration, etc.), and some instructions stated in the instruction manual! 6. The waste liquid of the instrument should be sent to the relevant unit for proper disposal.
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