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Escherichia coli living in human body in Urumqi, Xinjiang will become the source of pathogenic infection

by:BOQU     2023-03-30
There are related news on the Internet! The specific content is as follows. According to relevant reports in Urumqi, Xinjiang, Escherichia coli living in the human body can become a source of pathogenic infection under special circumstances. Relevant scientific researchers let Escherichia coli exert the effect of attacking poison with poison, and removed divalent mercury ions and selenite ions in water through various methods, effectively controlling the pollution of mercury and selenium. During the treatment, the researchers placed Escherichia coli in water containing mercury and selenium, and the Escherichia coli reduced high mercury chloride to mercurous chloride precipitation, and another part of the mercury was further reduced to elemental mercury. Here, Escherichia coli may reduce the hite into elemental selenium precipitates and negative divalent selenium ions, and the negative divalent selenium ions capture divalent mercury ions to form mercury selenide precipitates. When the content of divalent mercury ions reaches a certain amount, it can be removed! It is reported that the research was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of my country and other projects, indicating that selenite-reducing bacteria, including Escherichia coli, have great application prospects in simultaneously removing mercury and selenium pollution. A related research paper appears in the journal Science of the Total Environment. It is understood that mercury is a kind of pollution. Mercury in water mainly exists in the form of divalent mercury. This form of mercury is easily converted into highly toxic methylmercury by organisms. Eating fish polluted by mercury, etc. Aquatic products are harmful to human health! In addition, selenium is an essential element for the human body, but if it exceeds the tolerance of the human body, it will definitely not work. Hite in water is a common pollutant. In some areas, the earth's crust and water bodies contain high levels of mercury and selenium, and the mining of the two types of mines is likely to pollute the surrounding areas at the same time, so monitoring and treating mercury and selenium in water is a key link. As for monitoring various indicators in the water, online water quality monitors will be involved, and corresponding instruments will be used according to specific parameters. BOQU is a water quality online monitor environmental protection technology, the main products are: E. coli online analyzer, water mercury online analyzer, total selenium online analyzer, water heavy metal online analyzer and other monitoring equipment for different parameters.
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