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Factors Affecting the Determination of Residual Chlorine

by:BOQU     2023-04-01
Factors affecting the measurement of residual chlorine 1 Water sample 1.1 The pH value of the sample water The pH value of the sample water has a great influence on the measurement of residual chlorine, especially when the pH value is less than 5 or greater than 10, so it should be avoided in practical applications. used within this range. 1.2 Temperature of sample water The temperature of sample water has a certain influence on the measurement of residual chlorine. It is generally believed that the measured value will increase by about 5% for every 1C increase in temperature. The ideal water sample temperature should be between 15 and 20C. The influence of water sample temperature on the measurement is also acceptable. 1.3 Ammonia chlorine concentration in sample water In practical application, it is sometimes found that the amount of chlorine added increases, but the residual chlorine in the sample water decreases, and when it increases again, the residual chlorine increases again. This is what we often call breakpoint chlorine addition. Usually this is caused by the high concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the water, and the chemical reaction between gas and ammonia nitrogen in the water to produce chlorine ammonia. Because the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the water source will vary throughout the year. 3.1.4 Pressure and flow rate If the pressure is too high and the flow rate is too fast, the electrode will not respond in time and the measured value will be reduced. If the pressure is too small and the flow rate is too slow, the hypochlorous acid in the sample water will not be replenished in time and the sensitivity will be reduced. Generally, the flow rate of sample water is 0.5~1L/min. The flow rate is more suitable between 5~25em/s.
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