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Factors that cause the reagents of the water quality detector to deteriorate

by:BOQU     2023-04-08
It is necessary to store a certain amount of chemical reagents during water quality testing, and these reagents include purchased finished chemical reagents and various reagents prepared by ourselves. In principle, these reagents should be properly managed by specialized personnel, especially some hazardous chemical reagents, so as to avoid some problems caused by improper management. At the same time, water quality inspectors need to pay attention to regularly check and check the shelf life of the chemical reagents used to avoid inaccurate water quality parameters due to the use of expired reagents during the test. To avoid this kind of situation, first of all, you must be able to master the chemical characteristics of various reagents, and secondly, you must know the storage requirements of different types of reagents and the reasons for the deterioration of reagents in water quality detectors. Only in this way can the validity of the reagent be guaranteed. Factors causing the deterioration of chemical reagents 1. The influence of reagent air Oxygen in the air is easy to oxidize and deteriorate reducing reagents; for example, strong alkaline reagents will become carbonates after absorbing carbon dioxide in the air; moisture in the air can make Some reagents deliquesce and agglomerate, and fibers and dust can cause some reagents to reduce and change color. 2. Effect of reagent storage temperature High temperature environment can accelerate the decomposition rate of unstable reagents, but too low ambient temperature will also affect some reagents, such as precipitation and freezing when the temperature is too low. Therefore, it is necessary to classify and store according to the characteristics of the reagents used in the water quality detector. 3. Preservation The influence of ambient light intensity Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can accelerate the chemical reaction of certain reagents and cause them to deteriorate (such as silver salts, mercury salts, potassium, sodium, ammonium salts of bromine and iodine, and certain phenolic reagents). Therefore, most reagents need to be stored away from light. 4. Influence of storage environment humidity Generally, the relative humidity in the air is 40%-70%, which is normal. If the humidity is too high or too low, it will easily cause chemical or physical changes in the reagents, and cause different reagents to deliquescence, weathering, dilution, decomposition, etc. Variety. 5. Reagent impurities Whether the reagent is pure or not will directly affect its deterioration. Therefore, special attention should be paid when taking reagents to prevent impurities from affecting the quality of reagents. 6. Effects of reagents during storage Some unstable reagents will undergo disproportionation, polymerization, decomposition or precipitation after long-term storage, so care must be taken when using them. The above are the reasons that can cause the reagents of the water quality detector to deteriorate, and everyone must remember them well.
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