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Features and advantages of online residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-02
The online residual chlorine detector can quantitatively detect the content of residual chlorine on site, with a high degree of intelligence, simple and convenient operation. Equipped with a reference channel, the detection accuracy is high, and the operation error in the detection process is avoided. It supports detection data storage, printing, data analysis, and chart display. The results are simple and clear. Product features of online residual chlorine detector: 1. Batch detection: 4-channel detection, multiple water samples can be detected at one time, multi-channel detection structure design that can automatically detect multiple water samples at the same time, strong batch processing ability, fast detection speed, The problem of slow detection of multiple water samples is solved, and the detection efficiency is greatly improved. 2. Reference channel: The instrument is equipped with a reference channel, which can directly read the concentration of the standard substance and the concentration of the sample to be tested at the same time during the detection process, which improves the detection accuracy and avoids the error of manual operation. 3. Display: Large-screen color capacitive touch screen is selected, which is comfortable and sensitive to operate, with good display effect and rich content displayed on a single screen. 4. Data upload: The detection data can be stored in large quantities, and 5 million pieces of detection data can be stored, and the data can also be uploaded. The data storage and processing are flexible and diverse. 5. Optical path system: The instrument adopts optical fiber spectroscopic system technology to ensure the accuracy of detection accuracy. Product advantages of online residual chlorine detector: 1. Chinese display, Chinese menu, Chinese notes: simple operation, Chinese prompts throughout the operation steps. 2. Multi-parameter display on the same screen: residual chlorine, temperature, pH value, output current (HOCL or residual chlorine electrode input current), status and time are displayed on the same screen. 3. Historical curve: Automatically store the residual chlorine measurement data every 5 minutes, and can continuously store the residual chlorine value for one month. Provides two functions of 'historical curve' display and 'timing and fixed point' query on the same screen. 4. Notepad function: The notepad faithfully records the operation and use of the instrument and the time of alarm occurrence, which is convenient for management. 5. Monitoring electrode function: the method, time and result of each calibration are recorded, which is convenient for query and analysis of electrode change rules. 6. Digital clock function: provide time reference for various functions. 7. The instrument is stable and does not crash: the watchdog program ensures that the instrument will not crash when it works continuously. 8. Manual current source function: the output current value can be checked and set arbitrarily, which is convenient for detecting the recorder and the lower computer. 9. Software setting current output mode: software selection is 0 ~ 10mA or 4 ~ 20mA output.
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