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Features of online residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-02
The components of the online residual chlorine detector all adopt precision electronic devices widely used in high-tech fields such as aviation and automobiles, with excellent anti-interference and reliable and stable integrated circuit design, simple operation, and a software system with rich instrument interfaces. Make the detection signal more stable. At present, its products are widely used in electric power, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, water treatment, food, beverage and other industries. Features of the instrument: 1. Large-screen dot-matrix liquid crystal display, Chinese menu operation, and simultaneous display of multiple parameters. 2. Menu-based operation, user-friendly design, easier to use. 3. The anti-interference design can be used for strong interference field operations and anti-electromagnetic interference. 4. Automatic conversion of measurement frequency: avoid electrode polarization and improve measurement accuracy. 5. Manual/automatic pH compensation function and temperature compensation function. 6. All-weather waterproof and airproof can be used in any harsh environment. 7. Two relay contacts can be independently and freely selected for high and low position control. 8. The hysteresis width of high and low set points can be adjusted independently to prevent the relay from oscillating around the set point. 9. Imported chips and components and a new surface-mounted production process are used to ensure stable and reliable operation of the instrument. 10. The residual chlorine analyzer adopts a waterproof and gas-proof fully sealed shell, which can be used in very harsh environmental conditions. 11. Large-screen backlit liquid crystal display, all parameters of measured value, temperature, time and relay status are clear at a glance. 12. 2 channels of 4-20 mA current output, convenient for monitoring and communication at the remote end of the computer. 13. One multi-function relay, with cleaning, periodic alarm, error alarm and other functions. 14. Historical curve function, which can record 600,000 data and has query function. 15. The operation menu in Chinese and English brings convenience to users, and users can use it freely without reading the manual. 16. The backlight will automatically turn off after three minutes without key operation, which can save power and prolong the service life; the contrast level of the screen can be adjusted.
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