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Features of the water quality tester

by:BOQU     2022-03-29

Generally speaking, when it comes to some industrial-related appliances, many people think of large funnels for pouring cement, and some friends think of industrial meltwater containers in laboratories. But some instruments are closely related to our life and work, such as water quality detectors. This kind of instrument can detect water quality very well so that people can use it with more confidence. So, what are the functional characteristics of the water quality detector? Let's find out together!

1. Large storage capacity Whether it is for the aquaculture base to test whether the water quality meets the standards, or the government water conservancy department to test the indicators of domestic water, the measured data can be effectively stored in the water quality detector and will not be lost under normal circumstances.

2. The power supply is stable Many times, some instruments are short-circuited or blocked due to an unstable power supply. The water quality detector can be used normally under relatively large temperature changes.

3. Easy to carry Unlike some large-scale measuring instruments, the convenient carrying of the water quality detector has brought great benefits to many water conservancies or aquatic workers, and the work efficiency has also been improved.

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