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Flow pressure conductivity sensor - one-piece probe is easy to use 'BOQU Instrument'

by:BOQU     2023-04-12
Shenzhen Kaina Fu Technology Co., Ltd. flow pressure conductivity sensor is mainly used in the online monitoring of tap water supply pipe network, urban landscape green belt water supply pipe network, fire water pipe network and other pipe network, real-time monitoring of pipe network pressure, water quality (PH value, residual chlorine , turbidity, conductivity, cod, etc.), flow and other data, and form an effective real-time monitoring system, the following is a brief introduction. The flow pressure conductivity sensor is mainly divided into three models: radar flowmeter knf-132 pipe network pressure gauge knf-301, conductivity sensor knf-102h, among which the radar flowmeter is suitable for a variety of measurement requirements and can output flow velocity, Measurement data of water level, instantaneous flow, and cumulative flow; built-in RTU reduces the complexity of system integration. Pipe network pressure gauge knf-301 This product can be used to set the pressure/temperature display unit, range zero/range full scale, high/low alarm value, fluctuation threshold, data upload time setting and other parameter settings through the button on the terminal. Remotely customize the collection frequency through the cloud platform, view real-time data and historical data online, so that customers can grasp the on-site information accurately and in real time. The conductivity sensor knf-102h adopts a new generation of four-electrode measurement principle, with a wide measurement range, automatic switching of measurement ranges, a built-in temperature sensor, real-time automatic temperature compensation, RS-485 data output, and Modbus/RTU protocol to assist data docking , can be used with the data management of the Kainafu cloud platform, computers, mobile phones to log in to the cloud platform to view or directly connect the data to industrial computers, PLC, DCS, paperless recorders, etc.
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