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Four-electrode conductivity sensor-RS485 output digital analog signal

by:BOQU     2023-04-20
Four-electrode conductivity sensor-KNF-102H digital water quality conductivity sensor is a portable smart electrode conductivity sensor designed and developed specifically for the current water quality in my country and based on the requirements of relevant national standards. It is mainly used in industrial production water , Domestic water, industrial sewage discharge, urban sewage treatment, surface water quality monitoring, electrolyte properties in batteries and other fields, RS485 data output can be reported. Four-electrode conductivity sensor-KNF-102H digital water quality conductivity sensor adopts advanced and stable circuit design, the measurement principle is 'four-electrode conductivity', there is no interference between the input signal and the output signal, in addition, the sensor also has an automatic cleaning brush, It can prevent microbial adhesion and help users save maintenance time and costs. Four-electrode conductivity sensor-KNF-102 digital water quality conductivity sensor is equipped with output standard Rs485 (Modbus/RTU protocol) digital signal, which is convenient to connect to third-party equipment such as PLC, DCS, industrial control computer paperless recording instrument or touch screen, etc. Automatic temperature compensation function, which can be connected to the user cloud platform to update and upload data in real time, and can also be used to realize the functions of data collection, data transmission, and equipment control of monitoring equipment by using the Kinaf IoT data management cloud platform. The cost is low and the stability is good. Installation is more convenient.
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