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Four major configuration advantages of ammonia nitrogen analyzer

by:BOQU     2021-04-29

The ammonia nitrogen analyzer uses the Nessler colorimetric method to measure the ammonia nitrogen in the water. This method has the characteristics of simple operation and high sensitivity. Ammonia nitrogen in the form of free ammonia or ammonium ions reacts with Nadler's reagent to form a yellow-brown complex, and the color of the complex is proportional to the content of ammonia nitrogen. The photoelectron colorimetric detection principle is used to replace the traditional visual colorimetric method.

The human error is eliminated, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved. During measurement, when the water sample to be tested is poured into the reagent, the water sample will turn yellow. Then put the water sample into the photoelectric colorimetric base, and the meter will compare the yellow shade to obtain the concentration of ammonia nitrogen.

The peristaltic pump transports the release fluid (dilute NaOH solution) as the carrier fluid, and the injection valve rotates at a set number of times to form the NaOH solution and the water sample. The ammonia gas in the sample is released. After the ammonia gas passes through the gas-liquid separation membrane, it is received by the receiving solution (BTB acid-base indicator solution). The ammonium ions increase the pH of the solution and the color changes from yellow-green to blue.

The receiving solution after ammonium enrichment is transported to the flow cell of the colorimeter, and its photovoltage change value is measured to obtain the NH3-N content in the sample.

Configuration advantages:

Time-saving and convenient test mode

Sampling to zero, adding corresponding reagents and pressing the button to determine the three-step measurement step, which makes the water quality analysis and testing from labor-intensive to technology-intensive.

Easy and quick combination configuration

The special reagents for quantitative dispensing and the carefully selected combination of accessories make outdoor testing no longer a tedious task.

Efficient automated analysis and calculation

The preset parameter program module and the rigorous built-in standard calculation formula shorten the entire data conversion process to 1~2s.

Stable and accurate measurement results

Based on automatic analysis technology, the rigorously calibrated built-in standard curve effectively improves the stability and standardization of the measurement results.

The operation of the ammonia nitrogen analyzer is simple and the results are stable and reliable. It is suitable for online monitoring of industrial wastewater, urban domestic sewage, and sewage treatment projects, and surface water of rivers, lakes, and seas. The main source of ammonia nitrogen in water is domestic sewage or industrial wastewater, which has a greater impact on the heavy pollution and eutrophication of the water body. Therefore, it is of great significance to monitor the ammonia nitrogen in the river water body to understand the water pollution and 'self-purification status. It has the characteristics of simple operation and high sensitivity.

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