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Function introduction of BOD water quality analyzer (BOD water quality analyzer manual)

by:BOQU     2022-08-05

The BOD water quality analyzer is an instrument for measuring the BOD content in water, so why do you need to detect BOD? BOD is biological oxygen demand, which refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed in the process of biochemical reactions carried out by microorganisms decomposing biodegradable organic matter existing in water under certain conditions. In layman's terms, it is the amount of organic matter that microorganisms can eat under certain conditions. It is a comprehensive indicator that reflects the content of biodegradable organic pollutants in water. If the time for biological oxidation is five days, it is called the five-day biochemical oxygen demand, which is recorded as BOD5, and correspondingly there are BOD10, BOD20, and BOD7. Is water quality BOD easy to detect? What are the functions of the BOD water quality analyzer?

BOD water quality analyzer function introduction:

1. Six samples can be measured at the same time;

2. Directly read BOD concentration value without calculation;

3. Mercury-free differential pressure design, high precision, no need to convert, and ensure the safety and health of experimenters;

4. The measurement range can be selected. When the concentration of the water sample is lower than 4000g/L, no dilution is required;

5. The BOD water quality analyzer automatically records the measurement data, and 60 sampling points can be selected in a test cycle, and the test data is more accurate;

6. The cultivation cycle can be adjusted and can be selected according to needs.

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