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Functions and characteristics of pumping shore water quality monitoring station

by:BOQU     2023-04-18
The extraction-type bank water quality monitoring station is generally used for the analysis of river water quality. Because it adopts an integrated design method, it has more functions and more features than other water quality monitoring devices. The following is Let me briefly introduce it to you. Functions of pumping shore water quality monitoring station 1. Remote monitoring function: real-time monitoring of water level, rainfall, on-site equipment operating status, equipment voltage and other data through remote devices. 2. Remote control function: through the central system, the opening/closing of the reservoir valve can be controlled according to the water level to keep the water level normal. 3. Image monitoring function: an external camera device can be connected to take real-time photos. The photos are uploaded to the monitoring center. 4. Automatic alarm function: the water level exceeds the limit, the rainfall exceeds the limit, equipment failure and other abnormalities will automatically alarm. 5. Automatic statistical function: According to historical monitoring data, automatically generate daily reports, monthly reports, annual reports, etc. Generate analysis charts as required. 6. Data storage function: bidirectional storage of historical data. Generally not less than 10 years of historical data. Features of pumping shore water quality monitoring station 1. Various parameters can be freely selected for monitoring, and it has an Internet of Things cloud platform. 2. It has an automatic cleaning device, which can extend the maintenance cycle and more stable monitoring performance. 3. The software has perfect functions, and real-time data can be browsed or downloaded through the cloud platform. 4. High degree of integration, simple installation, saving land installation area compared with traditional water stations. 5. Automatic pumping, drainage, detection, fully automatic operation characteristics. 6. The automatic flow rate can be set according to the requirements, and the sample can be automatically reserved for the data exceeding the standard, or the timed and quantitative sample can be reserved according to the setting regulations. The above is the introduction of the functions and characteristics of the pumping shore water quality monitoring station, and these are just some basic functions it has, and we can also expand some functions according to the actual usage.
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