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Heavy metal water quality analyzer can detect low concentrations of metal ions

by:BOQU     2022-01-27

The heavy metal water quality analyzer is mainly used for water quality monitoring in the water treatment process or the water use process. The measured water quality parameters participate in the process control to achieve the purpose of optimizing the water treatment process and improving the water treatment efficiency. The online water quality analyzer has higher requirements for the reliability and stability of the instrument. It requires the instrument to reliably reflect the changing trend of water quality and provide a basis for the control of the water treatment process. In addition, the requirements for the response time of online water quality analyzers are also significantly higher than those of monitoring instruments.

Heavy metals refer to chemical elements whose molecular weight is greater than 50AU and have metallic properties. There are more than 40 such elements, but the common and toxic ones in water are mercury, cadmium, lead, copper, arsenic, chromium, zinc and iron.

Heavy metals usually exist in the form of ions or salts in rivers and lakes, and this state increases their toxic effects on the natural environment and the human body. When contaminated wastewater enters the soil, groundwater or surface water, even at very low concentrations, they cannot be biodegraded, and these heavy metal ions are slowly included in the food chain and further transformed in one of the links. In water bodies, they have the ability to accumulate in bottom sediments, causing secondary pollution. The ability to accumulate in living tissues makes them dangerous to the environment and human health.

The main sources of pollution are engineering operations and electroplating production, solid waste, mining and metallurgical industries, especially non-ferrous metal processing, fuel and energy, and chemical industries. They all pollute water bodies to some degree or another, and this sewage can contain many types of heavy metal ions. Therefore, the composition of heavy metals in water mainly depends on the production process.

The heavy metal water quality analyzer can quickly and accurately measure nickel, iron, chromium, manganese, copper, zinc and other indicators in surface water, groundwater, urban sewage and industrial wastewater, and the concentration can be read directly; it can be widely used in water plants, food, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection and pharmaceutical industries and other departments. The instrument is composed of a single spectrophotometer with a fixed wavelength and fixed purpose. The heavy metal water quality analyzer uses the principle of spectrophotometry to measure each parameter and establishes the linear curve of the concentration, color rendering degree and absorbance of different parameters in the instrument. The instrument obtains the concentration of the tested water sample by identifying the color.

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