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Hebei released the ranking of surface water environmental quality for the first time

by:BOQU     2023-03-14
Hebei released the ranking of surface water environmental quality compliance for the first time. The Office of the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Working Group of Hebei Province issued a report on the ranking of the province's surface water environmental quality compliance in April, rewarding the top three cities of Tangshan, Shijiazhuang, and Qinhuangdao respectively. The bottom three cities of Langfang, Xingtai and Hengshui respectively deducted funds. This is the first time for our province to rank the environmental quality of surface water. In April, the surface water environmental quality compliance indexes of the 11 districts and cities in Hebei Province from high to low were: Tangshan 0.886, Shijiazhuang 0.874, Qinhuangdao 0.856, Handan 0.854, Cangzhou 0.847, Chengde 0.836, Zhangjiakou 0.832, Baoding 0.787, Hengshui 0.753 , Xingtai 0.734, Langfang 0.462. According to relevant regulations, 3 million yuan will be awarded to Tangshan City, which ranks first, 2 million yuan to Shijiazhuang City, which ranks 2nd, and 1 million yuan to Qinhuangdao City, which ranks 3rd; Langfang City deducted 3 million yuan, Xingtai City, which ranked second, deducted 2 million yuan, and Hengshui City, which ranked third, deducted 1 million yuan. The circular pointed out that all localities should attach great importance to the prevention and control of water pollution, regard the quality of the water environment in the jurisdiction as the top priority in the fight against pollution, and always pay attention to the changes in the water quality of the assessment sections and the status of compliance. For the national and provincial examinations and the assessment sections of key counties (cities, districts) whose water environment quality has obviously deteriorated and has not yet reached the standard, the relevant cities and counties (cities, districts) should carefully analyze and find out the reasons, and earnestly implement the main responsibility for water pollution prevention and control , Take extraordinary measures to improve water quality as soon as possible to ensure that the assessment objectives are met. For key water-related enterprises with excessive discharge, it is necessary to intensify rectification efforts, strictly supervise the discharge of pollution sources, standardize the operation of sewage treatment facilities, and strictly investigate and punish behaviors such as excessive discharge of excessive discharge, illegal discharge and seepage, data falsification, and repeated investigations.
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