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How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?
The minimum order quantity for each product under Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. is different. Please check on the product page. Manufacturers typically offer lower MOQ for ODM products, as compared to OEM products. From their perspective, it’s far easier to take ODM than OEM. It’s less time consuming and also less risky because they are already experienced with the specific design. In addition, the manufacturers can use their existing materials and component subcontractors instead of being forced to search for new subcontractors.

Boqu Instrument stands in the forefront of their portable conductivity meter market. Boqu Instrument has created a number of successful series, and cod analyzer is one of them. BOQU digital pressure controller is made of a heat-conducting material, and the thermal conductivity is improved, which ultimately helps to improve the heat dissipation rate. It has realized the performance of long-distance transmission as well as good electromagnetic compatibility. turbine flow meter is practical equipped with high-end turbine water flow meter. It has obtained CE, SGS, FDA, and other certificates.

We handle all logistical issues as well, from import/export procedures to legal clearances, to customs processing - all customers will do is to sign to accept the final delivery. We are proud to offer the best transportation and transportation time in the industry. Get an offer!
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