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How can we protect our water environment?

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
After more than 30 years of water pollution control in our country, some results have been achieved, but the government will pay attention to the pollution problem and take some measures only after the pollution occurs, even when it seriously affects the lives of the people. But it can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. The current situation of water pollution control is not optimistic. What is the reason? The answer is very clear: low industrial pollutant discharge standards, local governments' ruling philosophy of sacrificing the environment to develop the economy, wanton discharge of enterprises, and administrative supervision that is always scratching the surface. How can we protect our water environment? Strengthen water pollution control. my country can learn from the United States in formulating reasonable industrial pollution discharge standards. The Water Pollution Act of the United States focuses on the description of the technical aspects of the standards themselves in terms of water environment standards and water pollutant discharge standards. These standards follow the principle of technical coercion. There are different pollution sources, and according to different production processes and pollution control technologies, emission standards with different degrees of strictness are stipulated. And emphasize the control of new sources and harmful pollutants. However, my country's water environment standards and water pollutant discharge standards in the 'Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law' mainly reflect the division of national and local formulation powers for standard formulation. How to monitor pollution sources and existing pollution sources. Strengthen monitoring equipment at water stations. The monitoring data include water temperature, turbidity, residual chlorine, PH value, COD, permanganate and other parameters. The water quality online monitoring system of Kinaf Technology. Adopt international advanced sensor, stable performance, long-term online measurement. The Guangdong Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center released the procurement of the automatic monitoring station construction project for the provincial surface water assessment section in Guangdong Province in 2019, the water quality of the river junction sections monitored by the monitoring center and the river sections of public concern. How to know the current status of water quality in these areas in real time. The water quality online monitoring system of Kinaf Technology can transmit remote data to the cloud platform in real time, and the monitored data can be transmitted to the platform, which can be displayed in real time on the control monitor of the monitoring center, so as to keep abreast of changes in water quality.
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