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How does the digital dissolved oxygen electrode transmit data to the microcontroller?

by:BOQU     2022-02-17

Digital dissolved oxygen electrode does not consume oxygen, has no requirements for flow rate and agitation, is not subject to cross-interference of substances, has a strong anti-interference ability and high stability.

Dissolved oxygen of digital dissolved oxygen electrode refers to the molecular oxygen dissolved in water or liquid phase, usually denoted as DO, expressed in milligrams of oxygen per liter of water. There are many ways to test dissolved oxygen, including the chemical iodine method, spectrophotometry, spectroscopy, oxygen sensor and other methods. Among these methods, the detection method of the oxygen sensor is simple and effective, and the detected dissolved oxygen concentration can be input to the single-chip microcomputer through the circuit. The oxygen sensor includes a fluorescent oxygen sensor and a polarographic oxygen sensor. The polarographic oxygen sensor adopts an electrochemical method. By dissolving oxygen on the surface of the Au electrode, it receives electrons into oxygen negative ions and converts them into hydroxyl groups. After measuring the current change in this process Check the dissolved oxygen concentration. The fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensor is illuminated on the fluorescent material by the LED light, the fluorescent material absorbs light energy and releases fluorescence, and dissolved oxygen can absorb the electrons in the transition of the fluorescent material, resulting in fluorescence quenching, reducing the fluorescence intensity and fluorescence time. , the concentration of dissolved oxygen can be detected by looking at the change of the fluorescence intensity or the length of the fluorescence time.

Comparing these two oxygen sensor electrodes, the polarographic oxygen sensor is relatively simple to make and cheap, but has a short service life and low sensitivity, while the fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensor has high measurement accuracy and long service life. Co., Ltd.'s digital dissolved oxygen electrode is a kind of fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensor, which detects the concentration of dissolved oxygen by fluorescence method, and has active temperature compensation, and the measurement accuracy is ±1%FS. Stainless steel, POM main material is optional, suitable for any harsh environment, no need to replace the diaphragm and electrolyte, basically free of protection, no oxygen consumption, no requirements for flow rate and agitation, no material interference, strong anti-interference ability, High stability, coated with a new thickened fluorescent coating, the preservation and service life is extended by more than 3 times.

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