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How does the dissolved oxygen electrode measure the dissolved oxygen content

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
How does the dissolved oxygen electrode measure the dissolved oxygen content? The dissolved oxygen electrode can be used to measure the dissolved oxygen content in the aqueous solution of the tested sample in the field or in the laboratory. Dissolved oxygen content refers to the amount of oxygen dissolved in an aqueous solution, which is dissolved in water by the surrounding air, air flow, and photosynthesis. The oxygen content in water depends mainly on the temperature. Warm water has a lower oxygen concentration than cold water. The natural stream purification process requires proper oxygen levels to supply aerobic life forms. If the oxygen content in the water is lower than 5.0mg/L, it will be difficult for aquatic organisms to survive, and the lower the concentration, the more difficult it will be. If the oxygen content is lower than 1-2mg/L and lasts for several hours, it will lead to the death of a large number of aquatic organisms. There are two types of dissolved oxygen meter electrodes, polarographic and galvanic. Polarographic electrodes are mostly used, and polarographic electrodes require the input voltage of the instrument to polarize the electrodes. The dissolved oxygen electrode uses a thin film to separate the platinum cathode, silver anode, and electrolyte from the outside world. Generally, the cathode is almost in direct contact with this layer of membrane. Oxygen diffuses through the membrane at a rate proportional to its partial pressure, the greater the oxygen partial pressure, the more oxygen permeates the membrane. When the dissolved oxygen continuously seeps through the membrane into the cavity, it is reduced on the cathode to generate a current, which is displayed on the meter. Since this current is directly proportional to the dissolved oxygen concentration, it is only necessary to calibrate the meter by converting the measured current into concentration units. Dissolved oxygen electrodes can be widely used in the measurement of dissolved oxygen content in various occasions, and are used to monitor processes where oxygen content will affect reaction speed, process efficiency or environment, especially aquaculture water, photosynthesis and respiration and on-site measurement , Environmental testing (lakes, streams, oceans), water/wastewater treatment, wine production, etc. In evaluating the ability of streams and lakes to support organisms, the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) test is performed to measure oxygen-depleting organic-containing sample solutions as they decay and to determine the relationship between dissolved oxygen concentration and sample solution temperature. relationship between. Dissolved oxygen concentration is usually expressed in mg/L (dissolved oxygen per liter of water) or ppm (parts per million). The relationship between oxygen concentration and partial pressure varies with the salinity of each sample solution, so most meter manufacturers provide manual adjustment of salinity to correct for changes caused by different ion concentrations. For standard dissolved oxygen measurements, temperature affects the solubility and diffusion rate of oxygen, so temperature compensation must be performed. Some dissolved oxygen meter instruments compare the calculated oxygen content with the observed concentration to obtain the percentage of saturation (O2% sat.)
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