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How does the online turbidity monitor work?

by:BOQU     2023-04-09
The online turbidity monitor utilizes the principle that the transmittance of light is proportional to the turbidity of the side sewage. The infrared light sent by the transmitter on the sensor is absorbed, reflected and scattered by the measured object during transmission, and then the turbidity of the water quality can be calculated by measuring the intensity of the transmitted light or scattered light. It can be applied to detect the change of turbidity in the process of biochemical treatment, and provide continuous and accurate measurement results. It can be widely used in the detection of turbidity in tap water and sewage. Turbidity is an expression of the effect (light scattering) of impurities such as suspended solids, colloidal substances, and microorganisms in water of different sizes, densities, and shapes on light. Turbidity is one of the most important physical appearance indicators of water quality, and it is also an important basis for evaluating the purification efficiency of water treatment equipment and the state of water treatment technology. The turbidity of water is closely related to the content of organic matter in water, and it also has a direct impact on the disinfection and sterilization rate of water. Therefore, water turbidity detection, especially online detection, is very important, and the development of online turbidity meters with excellent performance is also an inevitable requirement for the development of water treatment technology. Product features: 1. Adopt multi-beam mutual compensation technology, which can eliminate the measurement error caused by the sticking and dirt of the light window, as well as the influence of temperature change and component aging; 2. LCD display, Chinese menu operation, stable performance, strong reliability, It is easy for workers to operate; 3. The flow-through sensor is easy to install, with high precision and good repeatability. 4. Supports 485 communication 4-20mA analog output/supports HART protocol/NB.GPRS.LORA communication (optional function); 5. Flow-through sensor The sensor is suitable for low-range, high-precision turbidity value measurement (recommended measurement is less than 100NTU). The photosensitive components are embedded inside the flow cup, completely isolated from the external light source, and the light source interference is minimized to obtain higher resolution. And a more stable signal value to ensure the accuracy and stability of the data.
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