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How does the swimming pool water quality monitor detect the residual chlorine in the swimming pool?

by:BOQU     2023-03-25
Chlorination disinfection is currently the most widely used swimming pool disinfection method. Disinfectants are represented by sodium hypochlorite, liquid chlorine, calcium hypochlorite, and chlorine dioxide. Chlorine ions in water can enter the interior of bacterial cells to kill bacteria to achieve disinfection. It has simple equipment , low cost, good disinfection effect, sustainability and other advantages. However, traditional chlorination disinfection will produce many disinfection by-products that are harmful to human health during the disinfection process. Chloride in water will also irritate people's eyes and skin, cause symptoms such as red eyes and rashes, and cause corrosion to equipment . BOQU residual chlorine detector is a detector suitable for swimming venues. It can be used for 'fast, simple, accurate and stable' measurement with fast color detection reagent. It has exquisite appearance, simple operation interface and accurate detection. The system helps users obtain fine data, which can analyze water body conditions more accurately and effectively, prevent breeding risks in advance, and avoid losses in time. Detection principle: The analyzer adopts DPD colorimetric method to detect the concentration of residual chlorine/total chlorine. It is an accurate, cost-effective and low-maintenance instrument, suitable for residual chlorine/total chlorine measurement in the process of chlorine disinfection and drinking water Monitoring of residual chlorine/total chlorine concentration in pipe network. The amount of reagents used for continuous operation for 30 days realizes unattended operation and low operation and maintenance costs. Choose BOQU instruments to meet your needs!
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