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How is the rust and corrosion resistance of the graphite heating COD reflux digestion instrument?

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
Graphite heating COD reflux digestion instrument adopts microcrystalline heating panel, infrared heating method, fast and uniform heating speed, and longer service life. After the digestion is completed, the instrument will automatically sound a reminder and stop heating. Water saving, electricity saving, heat radiation is small, and the space occupied is small. The operation is simple, which can effectively reduce costs and improve work efficiency. The double-fan convection cooling of the graphite heating COD reflux digestion apparatus can be controlled independently, and the cooling effect is good. Large-screen LCD display in Chinese, time and power are adjustable, and users can modify, set and save by themselves. It has a dual-channel cooling system. After the sample reflux is completed, the instrument fan continues to work, and the cooling fan is automatically turned on to assist sample cooling. Air cooling instead of water cooling saves experimental costs, improves experimental efficiency, and improves the consistency of experimental conditions. Intelligent heating system, the heating time and cooling time programs have been set, so that the experimental process can be completed with one key. The glass burr return pipe replaces the spherical return pipe, which increases the cooling area and can block the passage of volatile substances and vapors. COD reflux digestion instrument adopts high temperature COD reflux digestion method to ensure complete reaction of water samples. In the digestion process, the air-cooled reflux mode is used instead of the water-cooled reflux mode to save water resources. When cooling, the air cooling system is added to greatly save the detection time. According to the national standard method (GB11914-89 design, add the intelligent mode in addition to the manual operation mode, one-key operation, complete the digestion and cooling process. Equipped with special condenser tube support, safe operation. You can set the digestion time, after the digestion is completed, the instrument will automatically Stop heating. After the sample is digested, the fan of the instrument continues to work to assist the cooling of the sample. The cooling of the circulating water is replaced by wind and water dual cooling, which saves electricity and water, improves the efficiency, and enhances the safety of the instrument. The digestion heating plate adopts metal heating The components are uniformly digested and the experimental efficiency is high. On the other hand, it is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and the application is more convenient. The cooling tube bracket at the upper end of the instrument can save the experimental space and facilitate the operation of the experiment.
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