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How many people in Boqu Instrument export department?
We started the exports business several years ago. During this period, we steadily expanded the business and gathered the professionals. Now we have about 5-8 people in the team. They work about six days a week and are online every 8-10 hours a day. Please kindly understand that we pay attention to our employees’ health and we do not encourage our employees to work all day long, and that we would make a reply to each inquiry within 24 hours.

After years of development in the production of laboratory water quality meter, Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. has become a leading manufacturer in China. Boqu Instrument has created a number of successful series, and conductivity sensor is one of them. The quality of BOQU mlss sensor is guaranteed. Its manufacturing process focuses on buyer safety by ensuring compliance with safety standards during processing. When emergencies happen, it can discharge residual reactants and resume working status automatically. sludge interface meter is made by unique treatment process for the great performance of sludge blanket level detector for users. It has been exported to the markets of Thailand, India, Malaysia, etc.

Our production is driven by innovation, responsiveness, cost reduction and quality control. This allows us to deliver the top quality, competitively priced products for customers. Contact!
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