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How much do you know about multi-parameter water quality detectors?

by:BOQU     2021-12-15

Multi-parameter water quality analyzer is a new multi-parameter and wide-range water quality analysis instrument that can be used for online and portable monitoring of water quality in different water bodies such as surface water, groundwater, source water, drinking water, sewage discharge outlet, and ocean. Compared with the conventional five-parameter analyzer, the Hydrolab multi-parameter water quality analyzer can monitor more parameters: including dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP (oxidation reduction potential), conductivity (salinity, total dissolved solids, resistance), temperature, depth, and turbidity. Degree. Chlorophyll a. Blue-green algae. Rhodamine WT. Ammonium/ammonia ion. Nitrate ion. Chloride ion. Ambient light. Total dissolved gas has 15 parameters.

Characteristics of multi-parameter water quality detector:

1. Using micro-detection technology, the sample consumption for a single test is milliliters.

2. This machine can be customized to add other colorimetric testing items, and can be configured with UPS power supply.

3. With a one-key switch detection item function, the detection wavelength will be automatically switched after the detection item is selected.

4. COD adopts 420nm and 610nm dual-beam high-precision detection devices, which can ensure the detection accuracy of low-concentration COD samples.

5. Imported parts are used for the key pipelines, and maintenance ports are reserved, which can facilitate customers to replace the aging pipelines by themselves.

6. This instrument realizes the integration of COD rapid digestion method, ammonia nitrogen Nessler's reagent method, total ammonium phosphomolybdate digestion method, and turbidity spectrophotometry, all of which are the current environmental protection standards or national standards, the operation method is simple, and the detection data.

7. With functions such as one-key detection and one-key cleaning, the liquid can be fed, quantified, digested, cooled, detected, discharged, and cleaned within 15 minutes. The whole process does not need to contact chemical reagents, which is safe and reliable. Non-chemical personnel can also operate accurately.

8. The digestion device adopts a safe voltage power supply, the whole machine does not need high voltage, and it is safe and reliable.

9. The digestion device is equipped with a fast air cooling device to increase the detection speed and ensure the stability and accuracy of the detection results.

10. Supporting special reagents and consumables to effectively ensure the accuracy of the test data. With a preset standard curve, users can perform detection without configuring standard solutions, shortening the detection time and saving costs.

11. The 7-inch high-resolution true-color touch screen is adopted, and the user-friendly simple menu design makes the operation more time-saving. A single interface contains detailed information such as detection time, detection items, absorbance, transmittance, concentration, curve, etc.

12. With a dedicated communication interface, data collection and statistics can be carried out through the upper computer software.

13. With large storage space, it can store 10,000 sets of detailed test data, which is convenient for users to view, count or print in the future.

14. Adopting multi-wavelength optical detection system; using a long-life cold light source, solid-state detector, each time the instrument is turned on, the control system self-inspection, detector self-inspection, and energy calibration are performed to ensure system reliability and data accuracy.

15. The instrument is equipped with 100 standard curve storage locations and supports automatic curve calibration. The calibration curve is automatically saved and supports users to establish extended test items. User curve data and self-built project information can be saved when power is off.

16. The instrument comes with a dedicated embedded printer, which realizes the integration of sample detection and data printing, and can print real-time data and historical data anytime and anywhere.

17. The multi-parameter water quality analyzer has the function of automatically making regression curves. Users can directly expand new detection items without manual calculation. It can support up to 5 points of fitting. The fitting curve can be stored for a long time and can be used directly in the future.

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