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How much do you know about the use process of the residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-13
How much do you know about the process of using the residual chlorine detector? The constant potential of the online residual chlorine detector is an industrial online water quality analysis monitoring and control instrument. It is used for waste water and water treatment in waterworks, drinking water distribution network, swimming pool, etc., and it is matched with chlorine dioxide generator equipment. Simply put, the residual chlorine detector is an instrument for rapid detection of residual chlorine. The instrument is equivalent to a small spectrophotometer. After the water sample reacts with the reagent, the residual chlorine/total chlorine value is calculated by the spectrophotometric method. The use process of the residual chlorine detector: 1. The factory setting range of the water quality analyzer is generally 2PPM. If you need to change it, please go to the CAL calibration menu to set it; 2. Before powering on, replace the diaphragm and electrolyte, and pour the electrolyte into the electrolyte chamber body, down to the lower edge of the internal thread. 3. The inner diameter of the plug joint interface of the water inlet of the steady flow box is ¼"I.D., the outlet plug connector interface is ½ inner diameter"I.D. 4. If a new probe is installed, it needs to be stabilized for several hours to avoid too much error and inaccurate measurement. If the zero point or range needs to be calibrated, the probe can be calibrated after soaking in pure water for 8 hours or using it for 24 hours. 5. The probe is based on the principle of platinum electrode detection. Generally, the diaphragm and electrolyte need to be replaced every three to six months in tap water. If it is not replaced for a long time, a large amount of iron, manganese and other metals in the water will be deposited on the electrode, which will cause inaccurate measurement of the electrode. If there is not much electrolyte, the electrode will also be burned. 6. The probe is cut off from water and power. If the power is not cut off, it is easy to cause the electrode to burn. The above is the relevant introduction about the use process of the residual chlorine detector. I believe that everyone has a corresponding understanding of this after reading it. You can use it as a reference. I hope it will be helpful to you.
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