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How to avoid external interference during water quality analyzer testing?

by:BOQU     2021-08-12

Most general water quality test operations are very simple, but there are some exceptions in everything. Sometimes poor water quality or other factors will cause the water quality analyzer to make incorrect test results, although we will eventually get an accurate water quality analysis result. But the time and cost spent on it are very high. And this is why many analysts need to understand the causes and treatment of disturbing factors when testing water quality.

Some common water quality analyzer interference prevention methods:

1. Keep reagent bottles, containers, vials, test tubes, comparators, soaking pools, and hands clean and dry

Remove any spills and drips. Before the start of the test, irregular operations may cause cross-contamination between reagents and may cause problems.

2. Take out freshwater samples in a clean container

Rinse the sample container with water and take the sample from below the water surface.

3. Prevent sampling near the water inlet and return

Do not test the water immediately after impact or other chemical additives.

4. Please follow the instructions carefully during the test, including any specified waiting time

If you take a drop of reagent, please hold the bottle vertically to get a uniform drop. In the case of visual colorimetric determination (color matching), use white or neutral colors as the background. Use direct light when backlighting. If you use a colorimeter, try it in the shade as much as possible. Prevent testing at the top or bottom of the quiz scale. These parts of the scale are usually less accurate.

5. Clean and flush the equipment after the test and let it air dry

Store the analysis kit and reagents in a cool and dry place. Test your kit regularly against known reference specifications recommended by the manufacturer.

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