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How to choose a COD rapid detector that meets the needs of enterprises?

by:BOQU     2022-09-28

What is the significance of detecting COD in water bodies?

Therefore, COD is an important indicator to measure the degree of pollution in water bodies, and it is also the main binding indicator for the reduction of organic wastewater pollutants.

How do choose a COD rapid detector that meets the needs of enterprises?

First of all, we must understand what methods are available for COD detection. What are the advantages and disadvantages: Ministry of the Environment HJ/T399-2007 Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Water Quality - Rapid Digestion Spectrophotometry: This chemical oxygen consumption (COD) rapid detector, its principle is based on the reflux method to change the ordinary catalyst into a high-efficiency composite catalyst. It only takes 15 minutes to digest by airtight digestion, and then the COD value in the water sample can be accurately tested by using the special COD rapid detector for spectrophotometry. This method has the advantages of simple operation, fast speed and low cost, and has good comparability with the 2h reflux titration method. It is very suitable for factory drainage, environmental protection engineering debugging, rural sewage engineering, environmental monitoring station water quality inspection, sampling inspection and other industries.

When the water quality is affected by chloride ions, can the rapid method for measuring COD in water be accurate? How do deal with and avoid it?

The reagent components configured by the COD rapid detector generally contain components that shield chloride ions, namely: mercury sulfate. Most of the reagents can shield chloride ions at 1000-2000mg/L. If the shielding range is exceeded, the wastewater can be diluted to the range by dilution method for detection. Generally, shielding 1000-2000mg/L is sufficient. If the COD value is small and cannot be detected by the dilution method, you can add mercuric sulfate and stir evenly before testing. The instrument manual has detailed operation methods.

Instrument selection and applicable industries:

Portable COD rapid tester: environmental monitoring station, environmental protection engineering company, water quality treatment pharmaceutical manufacturer, online operation and maintenance personnel, river sewage detection, etc.

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