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How to choose a water quality analyzer that suits you?

by:BOQU     2021-09-05

Recently, many customers will call to inquire about water quality analyzers, they will ask about the price and how to choose a water quality analyzer that suits them. In fact, whether you are just buying a water quality analyzer or you need to add special testing equipment, We all need to consider the following important factors before buying.

1. What kind of parameters should be measured

Everyone knows that there are many kinds of water quality analyzers, such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, chloride ion special detection, heavy metal detection, 9 parameter detection, etc. There are many differences between different water quality parameter detection instruments, and different Testing equipment has different testing ranges for some parameters. Therefore, you can think about the specific items to be tested, or what parameter data is needed for the ongoing testing. How much range must the data detection of your project be in? Create your parameter list from these items, and select the detection instrument through these parameter lists.

2. The budget for purchasing a water quality analyzer

No matter what kind of parameter testing instrument you want to buy, the first thing to determine is how much you will spend. Testing instruments at different prices are not the same in terms of testing data or the quality of the instrument itself. There is another point that everyone must pay attention to. When purchasing testing equipment, you must consider the cost of use in use and the cost of maintenance and replacement of parts in the later period.

3. Testing purpose

Different water quality analyzers are used in different ways. For example, laboratories may need large display equipment with storage, while outdoor field testing may require portable and fast testing equipment, and some industries may require real-time testing. Online water quality testing and analysis equipment, and these testing equipment are different in terms of operation, price, and function. Therefore, the purpose of the testing equipment must be determined when purchasing.

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