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How to choose the electrode installation method of the online water quality detector?

by:BOQU     2021-06-05

We all know that online equipment is widely used in water quality testing, and the latest water quality conditions can be grasped by relevant personnel through online real-time measurement. Therefore, many people want to know which is the best on-site water quality measurement method. In fact, for online water quality equipment, different detection methods have their own advantages. We can consider which one to choose according to our specific needs in the device, in order for us to have a clearer understanding of how to choose the electrode device of the online water quality detector Methods, we have summarized part of the relevant content today.

1. Probe type water quality detector electrode

We all know that many outdoor river reservoirs use probe-type water quality electrodes. Because the electrodes can obtain better parameters when they are completely immersed in the liquid tested, they are often not suitable for water treatment plants or municipal water supply systems under pressure. The water sample to be tested. In addition, it can also be used in the test application of the wastewater type. Generally, the probe-type water quality electrode is connected to a metal arm, which extends down to the channel containing the water to be measured, and then the sensor data from the probe is transmitted through the cable to the special operator control panel that displays the sensor data of the probe. The data is output to the local PLC or SCADA system.

The shortcomings of different types of electrodes are also very obvious, that is to say, this type of electrode requires frequent maintenance, and its service life will also be affected by the external environment.

2, Bypass type water quality detector electrode

Usually, the electrodes of the bypass online water quality detector are installed on the wall, and the bypass water to be tested is required to continuously flow through the instrument. This type of instrument is very suitable for municipal water treatment plants and power distribution systems, as well as pressure systems that are common in many industrial applications. This type of electrode is basically not affected by the pressure in the pipeline during testing.

However, when using non-pressurized wastewater, some bypass electrodes can easily become clogged, due to the large concentration of suspended solids in wastewater-type applications. Generally, water quality testing equipment using this type of electrode will be combined with an active chemical cleaning system. This method can reduce the impact of dust and dirt on the water quality, thereby reducing the daily maintenance requirements for the electrode. But this type of electrode is not suitable for use outdoors or in large waters.

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