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How to choose the kitchen waste wastewater treatment process?

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
For kitchen garbage wastewater, it is a kind of organic wastewater with high concentration, and the water quality will be affected by various factors, such as: garbage type, season, scale, etc. According to similar water quality monitoring and analysis work, the general influent water quality BOD and COD are in the range of 0.3~0.6, and its biochemical properties are relatively good. Biological treatment is used to treat COD, SS, etc. in sewage. So how should the staff choose the kitchen waste wastewater treatment process? For the treatment of kitchen waste wastewater, the BMR process can be used, because the wastewater has a high sludge concentration, so the volume of the treatment structure will be reduced, and the project investment is relatively low, and the treatment effect is also good. There are three main processes: 1. Comprehensive adjustment tank: After the wastewater undergoes anaerobic fermentation, there are still a large amount of suspended solids and oils. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the subsequent treatment process, the oil suspended solids in the wastewater must be treated first. It is enough to remove the oil and large particles in the wastewater; 2. Regarding the air flotation tank, when the sewage flows into the small aeration section of the releaser, the sewage will rise, and micro-bubbles will be produced when passing through the aeration section during the rising process Mix well. However, due to the unbalanced density between the air-water mixture and the liquid, it produces a buoyancy force up to the top, which brings the SS above the water surface. The floating SS can be cleaned by a chain mud scraper; 3. It is related to the biochemical system. For the MBR system, its ultrafiltration part adopts its online cleaning system and internal (external) ultrafiltration. Membrane membrane components. Once treated, the wastewater will enter the biochemical pool, which is its internal (external) MBR living treatment system. The biochemical reactor related to MBR is composed of the previous nitrification tank and denitrification tank, both of which are regarded as nitrification process and secondary denitrification. In addition, in the nitrification tank, it is necessary to use highly active aerobic microorganisms to act, thereby achieving the purpose of degrading a large amount of organic matter, and oxidizing organic nitrogen into nitrite and ammonia nitrogen into nitrate, and then returning to the reverse In the nitrification pool, it will be reduced to nitrogen and discharged in an anoxic environment to achieve the effect of denitrification. In addition, Hangzhou reminds everyone that after removing and treating various indicators in the kitchen wastewater, it is necessary to do a good job in online monitoring of water quality to ensure that all indicators in the wastewater are qualified before they can be discharged.
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